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24th April 2019 

Superb Pair of 1950s Red Leather Football Boots Unused

A very fine pair of Red Leather Football Boots. 1950s Continental style with slightly lower shin guards. Really supple Leather Hardened Toe Cap and 3 nail Leather Studs. Original white laces. These boots are unused and are in magnificent condition for age.

General Sporting Antiques. football boots red


A selection of Good English Willow Cricket Bats always in stock From 40.00each

General Sporting Antiques. cricket batd


A vintage Sadlers of Burslem Tea Pot. The body is made in the form of a Leather Football The handle is a Footballer with Ball. The spout is shaped like a Refs Whistle. The lid has a model of the F.A. Cup. This Teapot has a Registered Number which dates the piece 1938. The Colours on Shirt and Socks are the Preston North End Colors. As it happens Preston won the F.A. Cup in 1937.There is also a name Frank hand painted to the base this could either be the Artist or owner. Perfect condition Art Deco Style.350.00///SOLD///

General Sporting Antiques. footballteapot

Vintage Large 2 Handled Silver Plated Trophy Cup 1960s Heavy Plate.

This is a superb quality 2 Handled Trophy Cup or Loving Cup. It stands 14 in tall and measures 13 in across tip of Handles. It is in magnificent condition, as this Trophy and others I have were never sold and are still in original Boxes. I found them in a warehouse I am clearing. Great Display items or Presentation pieces. 1960s Heavy Silver Plating, it would cost a small fortune to have Cups of this quality Manufactured. Price 65.00 Please ask for more Photos if interested.

General Sporting Antiques. Trophy Cup Large

Vintage Leather Leg of Mutton Gun Case

Nice all Leather Leg of Mutton Gun Case. Leather in good order all stitching good. 65.00

General Sporting Antiques. leg of mutton


A boxed game with a superbly illustrated lid. Called PLAYING FOR THE CUP. Described as A THRILLING GAME OF FOOTBALL. Made by Spears Games. The rules of the game are on the lid. The contents include the original fold out board but no markers. Box size 11in by 8in.Great item in this condition. 1910/1920s.

General Sporting Antiques. soccergame

Vintage Royal Doulton Series Wear Plate Archery The Diversions of Uncle Toby

A scarce Archery or to give it its proper name TOXOPHILITE. A Royal Doulton 10 inch Series Wear Plate titled THE DIVERSIONS of UNCLE TOBY. Showing Uncle Toby with Bow and Arrow with a Bullseye Target in the distance. From Royal Doulton Old English Series. Great condition. Price 95.00

General Sporting Antiques. archery plate


Various Golf related Royal Doulton Pieces. All signed by Babara Vernon. All Doulton signed by Vernon was made prior to 1952. Prices start at 35.00

General Sporting Antiques. golfbunny

Vintage Sports Tins, Tennis,Rowing,Grand National, Olympics 1928

I have in stock 4 Good Quality Biscuit or sweet tins all with Sportinf connections. In late Vivtorian times thtough 1950s Manufactures ofton presented their wares in quality Tins with good coloured decoration.
No1 Kellersof Scotland with Tennis theme to lid and other sporting items all around the body of the Tin. 1930s==65.00
No2 French Tin with Rowing related decoration circa 1920s==45.00 //Sold
No3 Octagonal Tin with Horse Racing themes. Fantastic decoration showing Horses going over Jumps inc the Water Jump. Called the Grand National it has a Spinning top and can be used for Betting purposes. Ware to high points.==55.00\\sold///
No4 Olympics 1928 Van Mels Continental Tin==100.00
Please ask for more Pictures if interested as I can only put one picture up per page.

General Sporting Antiques. Sporting Tins

Blackwell's Patent Beagle Pack Stick With Whistle.
A great multipurpose walking cane. The handle has a clip for a dog leash at the front the rear with working whistle. The cane made of Ash. If you look up Blackwells Patent you can find the Whistle and Clip. Mid Victorian invention. This whistle sometimes comes in a Shorter Hunting Crop version used by Mounted Huntsmen to keep the Beagle Pack at hand before the hunt. This is the Walking stick version I presume used for the same purpose or even by a single Dog Walker.

General Sporting Antiques. Blackwells Patent Whistle stick


VINTAGE 1966 WORLD CUP WATNEY ALE GLASSES. A pair of Half Pint Glasses made to celebrate the 1966 World Cup. Made for Watneys. They show the Official Logo for 1966 World Cup Willie holding a Watneys Red Barrel above his head. 2016 WILL BE THE 50 YEAR Anniversary so get your Glasses Here.Mint Condition.45.00pair

General Sporting Antiques. 1966glasses


Always available a selection of Original Leather Cricket Balls. All original. although used in Cricket Matches these balls have been re polished and look and feel superb. Great contrast in colour when polished. All different makers and age so when polished no 2 look exactly the same. 7.50each

General Sporting Antiques. cricketballs

Vintage Horse Racing Badges Newbury Race Members Badges 26 Badges 1901/1931

A unique Collection of Newbury Races Members Badges in total 26 Badges dating from 1909 tru 1931.
Included are A single Badge 1909,1910, and 1911. Two badges for years 1912, 1914,1919, followed by a run of badges 1921 to 1926. A single for 1927 and 2 x 1929, 2 x 1930, 2 x 1931. Legend to mounted card which mentions second badge for 1927 but is absent. The following badges have been drilled 1909,1910, One of 1912,1914, one of 1921 and 1922.
26 Rare Metal and enamel badges nicely mounted on Board.Please ask for more photos if interested Price 400.00

General Sporting Antiques. horse racing

Vintage Football Boots Various Styles and shapes

I have in March 2017 Six pair of Football Boots in stock. All are Vintage Boots all from different eras. I have Mint condition Boots one pair still in original Box. These date from the 1950s but really could be earlier. A couple of pair have Rubber studs and date from the 1960s. One pair have Aluminum Studs and I believe these are Rugby Boots. Prices start from 45.00 Please ask for photos if interested as I can only post one photo per page. Some sold Please ask for details.

General Sporting Antiques. Football boots April 2016


VINTAGE ICE SKATES. In stock 8 Pair of Ice Skates. Leather Boots with steel blades. Various colours Brown/Black/White/and a super Red Pair.Some small sizes.20.00 a pair.

General Sporting Antiques. iceskates


I always try and have a selection of Silver Plated Trophies available. Please ask for up to date details of stock.Stock now includes some Large Silver Plated Trophies please ask for Pictures.

General Sporting Antiques. Striped Jackets with Trophies

Vintage Bronze Leaping Salmon on Marble Base

A very good quality Bronze Model of a Leaping Salmon mounted on a green mottled marble base. The base is hollowed out so could be used for lots of different uses.Stamped Made in England, the Salmon is 4in tall and base is 6 inch wide.1930s

General Sporting Antiques. leaping salmon


Vintage Lacrosse sticks I always try and have a selection of Lacrosse sticks in stock. Price 35.00 ///Only Ten available Mar 2017///

General Sporting Antiques. lacross

Vintage all Leather Boxing Gloves Red with White trim

I have 3 Pair of all Leather Red and White Boxing Gloves. Have been used but still look good and leather is very supple. Price 30.00 per pair.

General Sporting Antiques. Boxing Gloves Red

Antique Pair of Silver Plated Tennis Racket Knife Rests. Beautifully designed crossed Racket design early Flat top design. You can just imagine the High Class Tea Party held after the Tennis Game Victorian Ladies and Gents eating Cake and resting their knife on thers lovely pieces. Quality Silver Plated pieces Size 3 inch. I would like 95.00 the Pair.

General Sporting Antiques. Pair Tennis Knife Rests Square Rackets

General Sporting Antiques. Archery Toast Rack

Rare Antique Archery Related 6 Division Toast Rack.

A Victorian silver Plated Toast Rack the 6 Division formed as Crossed Arrows. The center frame holds a Bulls Eye Target and the side frame is formed with 2 Archery Bows. Each end has a Quiver of Arrows.The Central Target has a Victorian Date Lozenge impressed but it is too small for me to read. Rack is 7 inch long and 5 inch high. Rare item. 240.00 Please ask for more Pictures as I can only place 1 picture per listing on this site.

General Sporting Antiques. Bussey Box

George Bussey Sports Outfitters Shop Counter Display Box

A wooden box with a hinged lid probably a Counter Display Box. Paper label (torn) to front showing pictures of different sports, Golf,Cricket,Tennis ect. Transfer Trade label to Lid and inside lid is a List of the Catalogues available to Customers.I presume this was what was kept in the Box. Bussey always made quality items and even the Brass hinges here are stamped Hodges Patent. Please ask for more pictures if interested as I can only list 1 per page on this site.
Brief Bussey History
BUSSEY, George Gibson (1829-89) was born at Ripon in Yorkshire, and spent his early career apprenticed to a saddler inRichmond, Yorkshire. In 1851 he moved to London, where he became fascinated with the shop windows in the city, and studied them to see what goods were in demand. He soon knew the market, made the goods and sold them. From a small beginning he succeeded in building up a large and successful business. His ingenuity, ability, integrity and perseverance served him in good stead.
He first appeared in the London directories in 1855 when he
was classified as a gun case maker at 173 High Holborn. The
following year he moved to Arthur Street, St Giles, where he
took out his first patent for an improved method of holding and
carrying cartridges. He stayed there until 1859 when he moved
to 154A High Holborn and 485 New Oxford Street. Adjacent to,
perhaps connecting, these two premises, was a narrow alley
called Dunn's Passage where he installed his first factory. It was
from "Dunn's Passage Factory" that he applied for his second
patent for cartridge carriers.
In 1864 George Bussey began to trade as a company and to
advertise the manufacture of gun wadding and cartridges. He
apparently abandoned Dunn's Passage and, after a brief
appearance at 482 Oxford Street, made a final move to
Peckham. Directories do not record the move until 1870 when
his firm was described as "Firearms, Ammunition & Shooting
Tackle Manufacturers" at the Museum Works, Rye Lane,
Peckham. The Museum of Firearms was built in 1867. The
Ordnance Survey Map of 1868 shows the Museum building with
a rifle range at the rear extending along the side of the railway
embankment for 150 yards.
In 1876 George Bussey patented two designs for roller skates
and also an air pistol. The directory entry for 1876 lists George
Bussey & Co as "Leather Goods Manufacturers" at No. 63
(renumbered 133 in the 1890s) Rye Lane sharing the premises
with a skating rink under the proprietorship of George Bussey.
The Museum of Firearms was never perhaps a great success,
but George Bussey launched out mainly as a manufacturer of
athletic goods of various descriptions at a time when lawn tennis
was coming into fashion. He soon made a considerable
reputation as a manufacturer of lawn tennis rackets and balls.
He was also a manufacturer of cricket bats, balls and stumps as
well as footballs and other leather goods. His name and fame
became known far and wide - in all countries in which English
was spoken. In 1887 George Bussey was known as the largest
manufacturer of athletic goods in London. In that year the South
London Press published an article which referred to the factory
which still exists on the land behind 133 Rye Lane.
George Bussey was a great patron of the Patent Office. He was
a resident of Peckham for a good number of years and was an
ardent supporter of the Liberal Party. He supported recognised
local charities such as the Peckham Pension Society and Mr
Dowton's Soup Kitchen. He died at his beautiful residence at
Ryde on the Isle of Wight on 13 October 1889.