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24th April 2019 
Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. Musical shield

Vintage1926 Presentation Challenge Shield Sandown Isle of Wight

A hugh Presentation shield first instituted in 1926. The silver plated shield is mounted on a Mahogany Plaque. The central panel has a Musical Instrument possibly a Lyre embossed on to it. Above and below this the shield is hand engraved ,CHALLENGE SHIELD PRESENTED BY THE TOWN OF SANDOWN 1926. ISLE OF WIGHT MUSICAL COMPETITION FESTIVAL. Mounted around the Shield are smaller shields which would have been engraved but have been left blank. The Sandown Town Crest is also engraved to central panel.Fantastic piece very large 29 in tall and 24 in wide. Great decorators piece. 165.00\\\\\SOLD////


Superb Winter Olympic Competitors medal Grenoble 1968 Price 165.00

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. olympicgrenoble


A stunning Silver Medal still in its original silk lined leather case.The central panel is a Gold Globe mounted with delicate fixings. The medal is decorated in diamond cut scroll work. The reverse is hand engraved LEANDER SWIMMING CLUB 120yrd HANDICAP 1st PRIZE WON BY PHILIP S.ROBEY AUG 6th 1894.Comes complete with Silver mounted yellow & black ribbon. Medal size just over 2in wide.

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. swimmingmedal

Vintage Cold Painted 1930s Lady Golfer on Marble ashtray

A delightful Lady golfer in full swing mounted on a Marble base. She is madeof a Spelter metal cold Painted. Styled as a 1930s Golfing lady in full swing. Great detail to the Figure and she shows great style with the swing. Price 125.00

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. golf lady ashtray


A good Bronze Participation Medal from the 1958 Commonwealth Games held in Cardiff. Great condition. This belonged to a double Olympian who competed in Field Sports.95.00 Please ask if you require more Photos.

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. commonwealthwales


A good all original 1908 Olympics Competitors Badge. Silvered on Bronze with the Godess Nike. Reverse has Pin fixing and Numbered 1638.Maker VAUGHTON BIRMINGHAM Price ////SOLD///

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. olympicbadge


A great looking Players Money Clip from the Ryder Cup Match played at OAKLAND HILLS 2004 Europe Won. The clip is Gilt Brass with Enamel Finish. Includes the Two Flags and a replica of the Ryder Cup. The makers name to rear The Original Proclip 42035.There is an area below where the Players Name could Go. Money Clips are an American thing so I should think these were gifts from the U.S.A. To the European Team.85.00

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. golfrydercup

Antique Croquet Cruet/ Egg Cup Stand Superb Quality Piece

A wonderful quality Egg Cup Stand for 3 Egg Cups and Spoons. Silver Plated Stand which is decorated with 3 Croquet Mallets. Unbelievable quality. Along with the Cups there is a Glass for Salt to rear. I cannot express how good the quality of this piece is.Either late Victorian or Edwardian. Spoons and Cups all original to stand. Price 165.00\\\\SOLD////

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. croquetcruet set


A silver (not hallmarked) medal with Queen Victoria. The reverse is engraved within laurel leaves SWIMMING RACE FOR AMATEURS FIRST PRIZE V.GRANT. The rim is also engraved PRESd BY Mr J.LATEY JUNr V.P.L.S.C. AT WENLOCK BATHS PROF MOORES BENEFIT SEPT4th 1867. This is a super medal and is a very early Medal for Swimming Races. Size 2in. Price 165.00

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. swimmingmedal

1911 Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Gold Medal Bobby Steel

A beautiful 9ct Gold Medal in a Gold suspension mount. Wonderful enamel to front with the London City Shield with Sword to top left quadrant, Opposite shield has the Emblems of the 4 Home Nations Both sit above a Football. Written in Blue enamel banners are the words LONDON PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL CHARITY FUND. The reverse is beautifully hand engraved TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR F.C. R.STEEL 1911. 9ct Gold hallmarks and makers initials V,S. Vaughan & Sons. Large size 30cm or 1 1/4 inch Condition is stunning.Pendant Mount is also Hallmarked.
Robert Steel (Bobby) Born 25 June 1888 Newmilns Scotland, Passed away 1972. Played Inside Left Clubs Greenock Morton,Port Glasgow Athletic, Tottenham Hotspur 1908-1915.Then Gillingham, Career at Spurs Played 245 Games and scored 45 Goals. \\\\\SOLD//////

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. tottenham medal


SWIMMING MEDAL WELSH AMATEUR SWIMMING ASSOCIATION SILVER & ENAMEL MEDAL. A superb Silver Hallmarked Medal with Gold & Enamel central Shield. The Welsh Dragon is depicted in Red Enamel to the Gold center of the medal. In Blue enamel are the words WELSH AMATEUR SWIMMING ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIPS. The reverse is engraved for 1928 Polytecnics S.C L.Marks. The medal is delightfully finished off with the Prince of Wales Plume supporting the Suspension Ring. Size 1.5in. Silver Hallmarks for Birmingham 1928.

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. swimmingmedal

Union Of Ireland Golfing Association Ulster Branch Silver Medal 1937 +G.U.I Red Cross Medal 1918

A very nice Boxed Silver medal attributed to The Golfing Union Of Ireland Ulster Branch . Awarded for the Ulster Cup 1928. The Ulster symbol is defined by the Red Hand to center. Reverse has not been engraved but has makers initials S.D.N Birmingham Assay Mark (n) for 1937. Complete in silk lined leather case with makers name Sharman D Neill Donegal Place Belfast. Medal size 1.25 in diameter. Together with a smaller Shield shaped silver medal with intricate entwined initials to front I,D,S, and the reverse engraved GOLFING UNION OF IRELAND RED CROSS MEDAL 1918. Be nice to find out who this medal was awarded to. I would like 185.00 for the pair.

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. Golf Ulster Medals

Vintage British Empire Games 1934 Competitors Medal

A bronze Medal from the 1934 British & Empire Games London. Great medal still in original box. The 1934 games were the second Empire Games which later became the Commonwealth Games (see below) This is a Competitors medal only 500 Athletes took part so this is a very small run of medals Medal 1.5 inch diameter.
The 1934 British Empire Games were the second of what is now known as the Commonwealth Games, held in England from 4–11 August 1934. The host city was London, although the track cycling events were in Manchester. Seventeen national teams took part, including the Irish Free State (the only Games in which they participated, although at the 1930 Games a team representing the whole of Ireland competed).

The 1934 Games had originally been awarded to Johannesburg, South Africa, but were changed to London because of concerns (particularly from Canada) about the way South Africa would treat black and Asian athletes.

Six sports were featured in the Games: athletics in White City Stadium; boxing, wrestling, and aquatics (swimming and diving) in the Empire Pool and Arena, Wembley; cycling in Fallowfield Stadium, Manchester; and lawn bowls at Paddington and Temple.[1] Women's events in athletics were held; the previous games had women's events only in swimming.

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. Empire Games Medal

Antique Sterling Silver Golf Propelling Pencil.

A propelling pencil set as a Golf bag with Clubs sticking out at the top. You pull the clubs and the mechanism works and the writing part shoots out.Closed size 7mm and open the size is 11 mm.As usual I can only put one photo with each listing so please ask if you would like to see more photos.Price 75.00

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. golfpropellingpencil

Antique Golf Ladies Manicure Set in Miniature Leather Bag Sterling Silver.

A delightful Ladies Manicure Set in the form of 4 Antique Golf Clubs in a Leather Bag. 2 Wooden Head Drivers and 2 Iron head clubs.Old shape of Clubs Scared head Drivers and Smooth faced irons.The irons have Gilt heads. They all fit into a smashing Leather Golf Bag.Overall size 9mm. For sale 95.00

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. golfmanicureset

Antique Silver Golf Hat Pin Stands 3 Different

3 Different Lady Golfers Hat Pin Stands. All Silver Hallmarked.
No1 Golf Ball (Bramble) shape on Tee shaped stand. Silver hallmarks for 1903. Stand Damaged Price 85.00
No2 Silver Golf Bag leaning against a Tree stump. Great condition Silver hallmarks for (i) Birmingham 1908 The reg design number is 504996 and fits in nice as that was for the year 1907/8. Price 265.00
No3 Central stand with Scared Head Golf club.Silver base also hallmarked for Birmingham (i) 1908. The design also includes hooks for Ladies Rings. 165.00
Size approx 4 in.

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. golfhatpins

Vintage Styalised Football Figure 1930s Spelter Footballer on Marble Base

A stylish 1930s Footballing Figure mounted on a Marble base. Large metal figure, I believe was painted at one time but worn now. This leaves a good looking white metal figure. Stylized figure, great action as he kicks the Ball. The ball is the older style ball which went out of use in the 1920s.Marble base/ Great condition. Size 9in tall.

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. footballer

Antique Silver Plated GOLF Jam Cut Glass Holder Wonderful Quality

A superb piece of high Victoriana, this is a silver Plated Glass Bowl Holder, I presume either for Jam,or Sugar. The metal stand has Crossed Golf Club handles. Most importantly it has the original Golf Ball shaped Glass bowl. Even the markings to the cut glass resemble the markings on a Gutty Ball. The Glass is coloured Green.The handles are on a swivel to allow the bowl to be taken out. Height 5 in. Makers marks and EPNS stamp to base. Please ask for more photos if interested as I can only put 1 photo on each listing

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. golf jam dish


I always try and have a stock of Wrapped Golf Balls and Boxes in stock. They make attractive display items and are quite collectible in their own right.

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. golfballswrapped

Boxing a Chromed Bronze Car Mascot of a Boxing Figure. Mould Metals Ltd

A good old Chromed Plated Bronze Figure of a Boxer. Fighting pose. At one time this piece would have been painted. Boots,Shorts, Gloves would have all been hand painted but sadly now worn away. Base has a fixing hole and underneath is stamped Mould Metals Ltd. Stands 5 Inch tall. Just think who could have had this Figurehead on their vehicle a Famous Boxer or more likely a prominent Promoter. More phots available. 75.00

Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. boxing mascot

2002 World Cup Football Korea World Cup Competion

A real Leather Football Official Ball for the 2002 World Cup held in Korea. Decorated with names of Countries and Dates where previous World Cups were held. I had a Friend who worked in the Press association who went to the Games and brought this Ball back. Price 35.00
John If you are still interested ring 01322 220619 as all my messages keep being returned see below.
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Medals, Trophies, Shields, Cups.. world cup football